Ebola Fear

One early morning, an elderly local Ibo woman went to a general hospital to complain to a doctor about her rheumatoid arthritis. She was not aware that the doctor was from another tribe in Nigeria, On entering the doctors office, she greeted the doctor:  ''Dokita, Ebola Chi''

The doctor immediately stood up from his sit and shouted, ''wait wait, oh my God, madam what did I hear you say? Ebola! ''

The doctor quickly jumped out of his office and ran away. All the nurses and patients took to their heels.

But something that shocked me was that a dead body that was brought to be deposited in the hospital's mortuary opened the ambulance that was conveying it, jumped out of the ambulance and ran for his dear life as he heard people running out of the hospital because of Ebola.

Pregnant women who came to see doctor too, ran faster than the doctor.

Among the runners, the supposed dead man who was brought with ambulance took first position followed by the pregnant women, doctor and nurses took the third position while the other patients took the last position.

Surprisingly, a barely one year old child that was tied at the back of his mother was not satisfied with the speed of her mum. The baby untied the cloth that was holding him on his mum's back and jumped out.

He said to the mum, ''Maama, meet me at the house'' and ran like Usain Bolt.

As at the time of gathering this report, the poor innocent Ibo woman has been quarantined.

But, ''Ebola Chi'' is an Ibo Language which means ''Good morning''.  I don't blame the doctor because  life is so sweet.

Let me use this golden opportunity to greet you my dear friend who is reading this. Ebola chi! Am just greeting. Don't vamoose.

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