Top 10 Popular and Influential Nigerians That Have Killed And Their Victims

 The table below shows their names and their poor victims.

Linda Ikeji Jumping And Dancing At Bar Beach Wearing Bikini

This picture leaked into the internet recently. It shows Linda Ikeji jumping and dancing at Lagos bar beach.

When Google deleted her blog, lindaikeji.blogspot.com, on October 9, 2014, she was devastated and in order to help herself forget her sorrows, she went to the beach on early hours of October 10, 2014.

Suddenly, a friend called her that Google has just brought her blog back. She started jumping and dancing with joy and happiness. Chai Eeeyaaa!, I am happy for her ooo.

Proof That Peter Okoye Is In Illuminati

One of the Psquare duo, Peter Okoye, posted the above picture in a social media arousing suspicions that he might have joined the dreaded secret society called Illuminati.

However, there might be proof that he is actually a member of the cult. The picture you are about to see below will prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt that Peter is actually a member of Illuminati.

Sorry my dear, illuminati does not exist. It was founded on May 1, 1776 and was outlawed through Edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church. Read about Illuminati here.

Burkina Faso Military Leader Not Happy With GEJ

The president of Nigeria landed Burkina Faso yesterday in a visit for crisis talk with other ECOWAS leaders. However, the Burkina Faso Military leader looked disappointed as he saw the president of the most populous country in Africa not wearing his usual black 'agbada' and black round hat. 

From their picture above, it seems that their discussion was as follows.

''Mr GEJ, where is your black agbada and round black hat. You wore it when you travelled to China, France, USA and other non-African countries. 'Abi, you wan form oyibo for me'? '', Burkina Faso leader asked. 

Smiling in fear of deportation, the Nigerian President said '' Bros bros, I beg you, ’no vex'. I soaked it two days ago and washed it a day later, but due to power failure, I could not use my drying machine. When I spread it under the sun to dry, rain started falling''. 

Spare me that entire cock and bull story Mr Man.  If I tell you bloody civilian to go back to Nigeria now and fix your electrical power problems, people will say I am wicked. Anyway, welcome to Burkina Faso.''

Top 5 Crazy African Queens That Can Make You Break Your Waist

Jokes apart, if you think that no body can ever make you jump out from your sit and dance, these 5 crazy African music and dance queens will surely prove you wrong.

Sarah Kaisi, aka Shaa, is a top Bongo Flava artist from Tanzania. Shaa is vibrant, beautiful  and creative with a unique sense of style. Watch this African diva shake it in one of her best hit ‘Sugua Gaga’.  Sugua Gaga by the Tanzanian musician is danceable from the beginning to the end and there is never a dull moment in this video. This song brings out the true meaning of the East African Chakacha dance style. Sugua Gaga is a song of celebration. Poverty should not be an excuse for you not to celebrate in this life. Click here to see for yourself.

Yemi Eberechi Alade popularly known as Yemi Alade is a Nigerian Afro pop singer. Her father is from Yoruba tribe while her mother is from Ibo tribe. This makes her to be fondly referred to as ‘’Yoruba-Ibo girl’’. Watch her ‘shake what her mama gave her’ in this video which she titled ‘Johnny’. The song tells the story of a cheating and lying lover. It will definitely make you get up and dance…..I’m looking for my Johnny, Where is my Johnny, Do you know Johnny, If I no see Johnny, Fefe geme….You can watch it here.

Barbara Kanam is an award-winning Congolese singer-songwriter, music producer and actress. Kanam was born in Bukavu, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). If you love makosa music, then this song which she titled 'Réponds-moi' will surely make you dance out shit. Take it easy as you dance this for the sake of your waist. Click here to see her do the thing.

Anita Macuácua, is a talented Mozambican singer and songwriter performing urban and folkloric music of Mozambique. Watch her make you dance in this her hot African dance and Afro Portuguese soukous music titled 'Mocambique'. You will surely join her sing and dance Viva Viva Viva Mocambiquee...See the video here.

Naledi Kaisara, aka Slizer, is a songstress and dance queen from Botswana. She will surely make your stiff waist flexible. Please, don't try to dance like her if you have rheumatism or arthritis so you may not break your remaining bones. Watch the vivacious raunchy singer and dancer, Naledi Kaisara, mesmerize you with her mind blowing waist wiggling moves in this video which she titled  'Ke ngwana wa mang'. Click here to see. Please don't break your waist ooo.

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