Burkina Faso Military Leader Not Happy With GEJ

The president of Nigeria landed Burkina Faso yesterday in a visit for crisis talk with other ECOWAS leaders. However, the Burkina Faso Military leader looked disappointed as he saw the president of the most populous country in Africa not wearing his usual black 'agbada' and black round hat. 

From their picture above, it seems that their discussion was as follows.

''Mr GEJ, where is your black agbada and round black hat. You wore it when you travelled to China, France, USA and other non-African countries. 'Abi, you wan form oyibo for me'? '', Burkina Faso leader asked. 

Smiling in fear of deportation, the Nigerian President said '' Bros bros, I beg you, ’no vex'. I soaked it two days ago and washed it a day later, but due to power failure, I could not use my drying machine. When I spread it under the sun to dry, rain started falling''. 

Spare me that entire cock and bull story Mr Man.  If I tell you bloody civilian to go back to Nigeria now and fix your electrical power problems, people will say I am wicked. Anyway, welcome to Burkina Faso.''

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