Exclusive: Boko Haram uses cows to bomb communities

It seems the dreaded Islamic group has now taken a new dimension in their job of bombing innocent citizens of Nigeria. They now use cows to bomb people. According to a report, the terrorists strap bombs on the cows and then send them into populated communities before detonating the explosives.

According to New Telegraph, the sect’s new strategy was disclosed by the Coordinator of the National Information Centre (NIC), Mike Omeri during a press briefing on Thursday, December 4, in Abuja. Omeri said “Sometimes, they strap bombs around cows, and push them to settlements. That is why we have been calling for more vigilance and total collaboration and cooperation among citizens...We urge all citizens to be patient, when you are subjected to searches and checks; it is something that we have to live with. It happens all over the world, especially when we are faced with what we have...''

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