8 Igbo Words/Phrases Used In The Ancient Bible (No. 8 Will Shock You)

Igbo Language was one of the original languages used in writing the Bible before it was translated to different other languages. Igbo Language which is the language of today Ibos in south eastern part of Nigeria was one of the ancient languages spoken in the biblical times. 

"Hebrew" is a transliteration of "Ibo". That is why some scholars believe that Igbos are the lost tribe of Israel. If you know Ibo language very well and watch the movie titled "The Passion of Christ" directed by Mel Gibson and released in 2004, you will understand some parts of the film without the subtitles when you listen attentively to the Hebrew/Aramaic words spoken in the movie. Aramaic was the language of Hebrews until 132 AD to 135 AD and was believed to be the language Jesus and ancient prophets used.

I know you will be thinking in your mind "what is this guy saying". Okay, let me just mention few words or phrases you are very familiar with in the bible and their Ibo origin.

1. Genesis
This is the 1st chapter in the Hebrew and Christian Bible. It originated from The Igbo phrase "jee na isi isi" which when translated in English means "go to the very first"

2. Deuteronomy
This is the 5th book of the Torah(a section of the Hebrew Bible) and the Christian Old Testament from Latin Deuteronomium, from Greek Deuteronomion and originally from Igbo phrase "detere nu umu". The Igbo phrase, "Detere nu umu" means "written down for the children". And actually, the book of Deuteronomy were words written down to serve as laws for the children of God i.e Hebrews or Ibos. The book is a repetition, with comments, of the Decalogue and most of the laws of Exodus. Are you surprised? You have not seen anything yet. Just keep on reading.

3. Sabbath
You must have heard that after creation God rested on the 7th day. Sabbath is a day set aside for rest and worship. According to Exodus 20:8, the Sabbath was commanded by God to be kept as a holy day of rest, as God Himself rested from creation. The word was from the Igbo phrase "asaa bu taa" which means "today is seventh"

4. Cherubim 
Cherubim is a winged angelic being described in Biblical tradition as attending on God, represented in ancient Middle Eastern art as a lion or bull with eagles' wings and a human face. Cherubim is regarded in traditional Christian angelology as an angel of the second highest order of the  nine-fold celestial hierarchy. The name is from Igbo phrase "chere ubim" which means "guard my home". We all know that Angels are guards.

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5. Jacob
Jacob, later called Israel, is one of the two sons of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel which thus gave him the name Jacob. The origin of the name is from the Igbo phrase "jiko obi" which means "holding together" in English Language.

6. Israel
In the bible when Jacob was in his nineties as a token of blessing God changed his name to Israel. Israel was coined from "i zere le" meaning you have escaped troubles" or "you have conquered or prevailed". 

7. Egypt
Most Egyptologists and lay people know that Egypt was derived from Greek word "Aegyptos". But few have ever traced the origin of the word. Aegyptos is a contraction of the Greek term "Hi-Gi-Ptos". The main origin is the Igbo term "ije puta" which means a place where travelers from different regions get to.

In Torah and the Christian old testament bible, Jacob and his children in search of food came to stay in Egypt. Also, in the Christian new testament Bible, Joseph and Mary ran to Egypt when Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus.

8. Talitha cumi
You remember the popular bible story of the dead little daughter of Jairus who Jesus brought back to life? See Mark 5:41. 

Jairus, a patron or ruler of a Galilee synagogue, had asked Jesus to heal his little daughter, who in gospels according to Mark and Luck was dying, and in Matthew's simplified account, had already died. 

As they were travelling to Jairus's house, a sick woman in the crowd touched Jesus' cloak and was healed of her sickness. Jesus turned round to the woman and said you have been healed of your sins have faith in the Lord. 

Moments later, a messenger arrived with the news that Jairus' daughter had died, and was advised not to bother Jesus any further. But Jesus told them to have faith as he continued to the house and informed them that the girl was not dead but asleep. "He took her by hand and said to her, "Talitha cumi" and the little girl woke up.

"Talitha cumi" or "Talitha kum" or "Talitha koum" is an Aramaic phrase and originally from Igbo phrase "nta lite kuo ume" which means "little child wake up and start breating".

7 Most Visited 'Catholic' Adoration Ministries In Nigeria With Jaw Dropping Signs And Wonders (Number 7 Will Shock You)

1. Pilgrimage Center of Eucharistic Adoration Elele

Left: Fr. Edeh and Former Prime Minister of Norway during his visit to Elele           Right: Fr. Edeh and Malala Yousafzai

The Pilgrimage Centre of Eucharistic Adoration was founded in 1985 in Elele town Rivers State, Nigeria by a Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mathew Paul Edeh popularly called 'Father Edeh' or 'Father Elele'. This place has been a host to millions of pilgrims from different parts of the world making it the largest pilgrimage centre in Africa. 

Till today, thousands of people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, throng to the prayer site for prayers, counselling, divine solution to their problems, and even for sightseeing. His museum of charms(voodoos) and fetish objects located within the Peace Center Elele has the largest collection of 'juju' in the christian world. After deliverance, people who have given their life to Christ submit their juju which are rendered powerless with prayer and holy water. The formally diabolical 'weapons of mass destruction' are then placed in the museum for tourists to see. This is the first of it's kind in the world. 
Stan Emert of Rainmakers TV at the Museum with Fr. Edeh
It's monthly program, the Pilgrimage week, holds every first week of the month. The highlight of the event's activities are day and midnight masses, testimonies, thanksgiving and sermons from Father Edeh and other powerful priests.

2. Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN)
Left: Fr. Mbaka and Aisha Buhari during her visit        Right: Fr. Mbaka, Governor of Enugu State and wife of  Vice President
Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria abbreviated to AMEN is to many Nigerians the final bus stop when looking for spiritual help. The adoration ministry is the brainchild of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a fearless Roman Catholic priest with 'spiritual bulletproof' body (shot several times to no avail) and miraculous powers.

AMEN which has its permanent site at Umuchigbo Iji-Nike in Emene, Enugu, Nigeria is like another Jerusalem. Amazing miracles and mind blowing testimonies have been associated with the ministry drawing millions of Catholics and non-Catholics from the nooks and crannies of the country to the adoration centre during its weekly all-night adoration crusade. AMEN is also the most visited christian center by top Nigerian politicians. 'Umu ikuku', as the followers of the adoration ministry are fondly called, are scattered all over the world but predominantly in the South-East part of Nigeria. 

In AMEN, the result of the 2015 presidential election which brought Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress into power was announced 5 months before the election took place. The prophecy which shocked the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party and the entire country later came to pass to the disappointment of many other 'powerful prophets' who have earlier prophesied that the then incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan would win. 

3. Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Uke

Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Uke in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State was founded by a Roman Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma aka 'Ebube Muonso'. The ministry is also associated with many signs and wonders. 

During the weekly adoration crusade, the center is always overcrowded with people. In the early hours of Saturday, 2nd of November, 2013, there was stampede after prayers at the adoration ground which killed not less than 25 people while many were injured. The then Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, who was accompanied to the crusade by Sir Victor Umeh, Willie Obiano and few others would have been caught in the stampede if not for the fact that he left with his team shortly before the close of the crusade. Vigil was usually held at the adoration centre on every first Friday of the month.

4. Canaanland Adoration Ministry (E-Dey Work) Mbaise

Canaanland Adoration Ministry (E-Dey Work) with center at Umuoma Onicha, Ezinihitte in Mbaise, Imo State is another crowd pulling adoration ministry. The Spiritual director, Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere is a young Roman Catholic Priest blessed with great miraculous powers. 'E-dey Work' fondly called 'E-Dey Wor Wor Wor' is well known in Nnewi Anambra State and Mbaise Imo State. 

Every Wednesday, many Catholics and non-Catholics in Mbaise and environs abandon their jobs and all roads lead to Canaanland Adoration Ministry. Jaw dropping miracles are always witnessed there drawing many people from different parts of the country to the adoration ground every Wednesday. 

 5. Lumen Christi Family Adoration Ministry Issele-uku

Lumen Christi Family Adoration ministry was founded by Rev. Fr. Mario David Dibie, a very lively and powerful priest of the Roman Catholic Church. This ministry is a very successful one that has touched the lives of all Catholics and non-Catholics in Delta State. 

The weekly Tuesday prayers at the adoration ground in Issele-uku Delta State is like heaven on earth. A mammoth crowd singing and dancing to worship songs fill the adoration ground. Witches, wizards and members of evil cults which are numerous in Delta state are given sleepless nights leading  to one time kidnapping and release of Fr. Mario Dibie by members of the occultic kingdom around 2007. Many of the agents of darkness later gave their life to Christ and shunned occultism.    

6. Okunerere Adoration Ministry(OKAM) Nsukka

Okunerere Adoration Ministry (OKAM) is a popular adoration ministry located close to Queen of the Rosary College in Nsukka, Enugu State. It is ran by Rev. Fr. Paul Obayi popularly known as Okunaerere. During the ministry's Friday adoration, unprecedented crowd normally storm the adoration ground for healing, family liberation, breaking of curses and so on.

The ministry is known for the destruction of powers of darkness. Miracles and shocking testimonies also abound there making it one of the most sought after adoration ministries in Nigeria.

7. Blessed Family Adoration Ministry Mbano

Take it or leave it. The crowd pulled by Blessed Adoration Ministry in Onuimo, Mbano, Imo State is something else and is worthy to make this list. The founder, Rev. Fr. Modestus Chiedozie Chilaka, is now a house hold name in the Christendom. He has always been in the news in recent times. Sometime ago, the internet almost exploded with the news of a dead man who rose from death in his ministry. He is the first Nigerian priest of the Catholic Church of the East. 

Rev. Fr. Modestus Chiedozie Chilaka pours holy water on the dead who was about to be buried

The dead man rose again and is held by his wife

Rev. Fr. Modestus Chiedozie Chilaka Mobbed by the press
A good number of Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals and some other denominations believe that Rev. Fr. Modestus Chiedozie Chilaka is a great prophet God is using to raise the dead, heal the sick and cast out evil spirits resulting to mass exodus to his adoration ministry which is not of Roman Catholic Church but of Catholic Church of the East. This has led to series of attacks by Nigerian Roman Catholic and Anglican leaders against the ministry accusing the founder of stealing their church members.

The 8 Greatest Phobias Of An Average Nigerian And How To Mitigate Them

Phobia which is a persistent, irrational, and excessive fear of an object or situation may result from our past experiences, shocking news the media feed us everyday, horror nollywood and hollywood movies we watch, the type of preaching we hear in our religious places nowadays, insecurity and our individual shortcomings. From a little survey carried out by me, every Nigerian has at least one or more of these 8 phobias.
1. Harpaxophobia

This is the fear of being robbed. Many of us have developed this problem due to the high level of robbery in the society. Harpaxophobia will make you sleep with only one eye in the night especially when you keep big amount of money or something very valuable to you at home. You may begin to hear imaginary sounds of human movement. Then, when you hear a real sound of human movement your mind will conclude that armed robbers have come. You will be sweating, trembling and may even faint. Similarly, anytime you go to the bank to withdraw or deposit money, your heart beats faster than normal until you have done your transactions and gone safely. 

You can mitigate this problem by avoiding keeping huge amount of money with you. Having dogs in your house is also a good idea. In public, avoid carrying expensive phones and flashy things that will make your mind obsessed with the fear of being robbed. Avoid going to the bank or market alone. Go with trusted and grown up persons. 

2. Dystychiphobia

This is the scientific label for an excessive and irrational fear for accidents. For some victims, this fear can become so severe that it will alter their life choices significantly. I have a friend who has this phobia. Whenever he wants to make a travel, he goes to toilet more than three time because of stomach upset. He abandoned his PhD program in UNIZIK because he could not cope with the fear of traveling from his home in Owerri to Awka on weekly basis. I don't blame the guy anyway because many people have lost their lives in Nigeria as a result of preventable land and air accidents. 

Thinking of the numerous fatal accidents that happen on daily basis in our country is enough to give someone dystychiphobiaI know there are millions of Nigerians who are passing through this as well. Bad roads, bad drivers/riders and poor transport system are some of the major challenges we face in this country. Many of our drivers/riders are inexperienced, untrained and rude. 

To mitigate this, always make use of transport companies that have good reputation in road or air safety when traveling no matter the cost. Your life is more important than money. Caution your driver when overspeeding and disembark if he refuses to drive responsibly. Apply safety precautions in everything you are doing in life whether working with/around heavy equipments, driving/riding, or making love (ha ha ha just joking). Praying for safe journey before embarking on a journey can also help calm down the fear because you will have this feeling of being in God's hands. 

3. Testophobia

This is the latin name for fear of tests or exam. Many of us suffered this in school. We hated hearing these two words - exam and test. The thought of taking a test or exam will trigger a panic attack. It is easy to see students feeling sweaty, nervous and upset in exam hall especially when all their 'expos' (aka ngbo) have been collected from them. Some teachers can be so wicked that during exam/test they would space students like planets in the solar system. 

To mitigate this fear, take your studies seriously. Always read your books and don't wait till you see exam timetable before you start preparing for your exams. Don't depend on 'expo' because you may be caught and be punished. Have the mindset that even if you fail an exam/test, it is not the end of your life. You can still rewrite it some other time. Do the simple thing you are supposed to do which is nothing else apart from studying well.

4. Glossophobia

Every 3 out of 4 people have glossophobia which is the fear of public speaking. Symptoms include intense anxiety prior to or at thought of having to verbally communicate with any group, avoidance of events which focus the group's attention on individuals in attendance and physical distress like blushing, nausea, sweating, trembling, palpitations, stammering and rapid speech.

Kicking this phobia out of your life would be a great achievement for you because public speaking can be business. You need to overcome glossophobia before you can excel as a stand up comedian, politician, MC, preacher, lecturer and so on. You may be funnier than Alibaba but glossophobia has denied you the status of being a millionaire comedian and celebrity.

This is how to overcome it. Don't use alcohol, marijuana or any other drugs to boost your moral because they may make you speak off point or worst still lead you to drug addiction. Instead, practice your talk by speaking out loud. Get used to hearing your own voice. You can record your talk on tape recorder and listen for mistakes, the "em em em and ah ah ah" you use to fill in the blanks. Listen to them over and over to fine-tune the spots that needed work. Practice and rehearse well before going for public speaking. Consider joining a speaking group to help you polish your public speaking skills. 

5. Ergophobia

This is job related phobia. Those with ergophobia may fear losing a job, not being able to perform certain aspects of their job(example is meeting deadlines or giving presentations) or experience extreme anxiety with any basic task. These can manifest into actual physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, excessive sweating, dry mouth and panic attacks. The current economic hardship, unfavourable work conditions and rate at which workers are being sacked in this country are enough to make one get ergophobia.  

Always keep your CV updated. Don't stop searching for a better job until you have found your dream job. No matter where you are working now or how small your pay is, remember that it is the job that puts money in your pocket and you should therefore put in your best in the job. Learn and develop new skills that can help you do your job well. Don't forget to save. No job is secured in Nigeria, not even federal government jobs.  Also, running part time businesses as backups can save lives.

6. Virginitiphobia

This is fear of being raped. The rate of sexual harassment and rape are on the increase in our society today. I can tell the reason for the increase in robbery - economic hardship but I can't tell the reason behind the increase in rape cases. But if there was efficient implementation of Nigerian laws, the situation wouldn't have been this worse. Randy men are on the loose. We have randy teachers who rape students in their offices, armed robbers who rape their victims, fulani herdsmen who terrorise villagers and rape their women, uncles who rape little girls, and even pastors who rape their members in the name of deliverance. 

Rape is the nightmare of many Naija girls. They are even more scared of rape than physical assault or robbery. This fear usually develops at young age. This fear is especially intensified when one is walking along a dark street alone, or when one is home alone. For those with extreme phobia, they normally avoid having male friends for fear that interacting with men can get them raped. There can also be physical manifestations like palpitations, trembling, shortness of breath and other symptoms of anxiety. 

If you are afraid of rape, avoid wearing revealing clothes, mini skirts, skimpy wears and other types of cloths that can be easily removed or sexuallly provocatingg. Also, bear in mind that not all men are rapists. Rapists are fewer. Make friends with responsible men. Avoid going out alone in the night. Learn some martial arts for self defense. You may need to have some little weapons in your bag like dry pepper, pen knife or juju ( just kidding).

7. Daemonophobia

This is the fear of demons. Often, people who have this problem feel frightened by portrayals of demons in horror films, religious  texts etc. They become unduly anxious when discussing demons, when venturing alone into woods or a dark house, or when watching films about demonic possession and exorcism. Witchcraft and demonology may also be triggers for daemonophobia. People who feel prone to magical thinking will be very impressionable, and they will be prime candidates for the phobia when stories of spells, black candles, Satanism, and pentacles are told. Black magic and witchcraft can trigger daemonophobia.

Often, religious beliefs play a major role in phobias like this. The idea of hellfire, with its devil and resident demons, can be a potent trigger. Nigeria is a very religious country where almost every problem is believed to be caused by one demon or the other. In many churches around the country, deliverance from demonic possessions or exorcism is a common thing. 

Our nollywood industry is also not helping matters as they are always busy bombarding the market with their scary movies. Phobias can surface in response to images in mass media, books, and films. I could remember the movie titled "End of the Wicked". This movie scared the hell  out of me those days. What about "Akuma the Angel of Death", "Trip to Hell", "The Yoke", "Black Mass", "Occultic Destroyer", "Apostles of Lucifer", "Haunted Souls" etc. These Nigerian movies gave some of us daemonophobia. 

Panic treatment, psychotherapy, and education are the best weapons against "demons" and the fears they cause. Physical symptoms like dizziness or headaches, may be eased by treatment that gets at the root of fears and provides a catharsis. Often, talking about fears centered around these mystical creatures can create a sense of release in an afflicted person. Prayer, use of sacramentals (holy water, crucifix, anointing oil etc.) or materials believed to scare away evil spirits can also help to calm the fear. 

Moreover, letting go of religious beliefs may be one way of coping with the problem for those who trace their phobia to religion. Atheism or even agnosticism can be a way out of fears about paranormal creatures such as demons and devils. For those who trace their phobia to horror movies, it is good to avoid watching scary films and care should be taken to protect children from images they are not mature enough to process. Daemonophobia can trigger convulsions in children.

8. Fear Of Terrorists

There is no latin name for this phobia probably because it is a new phenomenon. You can suggest a name for it. But if you permit me to give it a name, I will call it bokophobia ha ha ha. 

Acts of terrorism cause death, maiming and destruction. They trigger deep fears which is the main aim of the terrorists. The thought that terrorists can strike at anytime and media coverage of terrorist acts leaves people feeling insecure and frightened. This phobia can manifest itself in different ways causing difficulties in daily life. Those in the northern part of Nigeria can relate to this. Boko Haram has wrecked havoc in borno, Adamawa, Kano, Jos, Abuja and some neighbouring towns killing over 21,000 and rendering millions of people homeless. 

Crowded public transport, being in a tall building, large public events, or seeing a bag left on its own make some of us scared for life. Some sufferers report panic attack symptoms such as headaches, lightheadedness, heart palpitations and so on when faced with triggers. 

The steps the government is taking to protect us from future acts of terrorism may soothe our anxieties. Be courageous and stay away from unsecured places or danger zones. 

How To Convert Your Dog To A Police Detective (Reader's Discretion)

Police Dog

Yesterday, as I was travelling to Owerri, I learnt a new stuff which I want to share with you. It was from a fascinating lecture given by the driver that drove the vehicle I boarded. The 2 hours journey seemed like a 30 minutes drive as the driver fantastically turned the journey to a fun filled one. It all started when he nearly jammed a dog which was trying to cross the highway. To cut the story short, let me 'fast forward' it.

According to the driver, nobody can come to his house with any type of weapon without his dog detecting them. "My dog can detect anybody with gun no matter how the gun is hidden and can successfully disarm an armed robber" he boasted. This prompted a question from us, the passengers. "Driver, how did you train your dog to be this intelligent" we asked. He said that he will tell us but it will cost us a little amount of money. We promised to find him some money after the lecture. After much pleadings from the passengers, he agreed to teach us. 

"It is very simple", he said. "get an AK-47 bullet or bullet of any gun of your choice and put it in a boiling water. After the water has boiled for about 5 minutes, use the boiled water to do garri just the way you normally prepare eba. Now, mold the prepared garri into balls. Put the garri balls in the plate you use to give food to your dog and add your dog's favorite soup on top of the garri. Give the food to your dog to eat." He continued. "After eating the food, your dog will become very aggressive and you may need to put it in chains during the day and open the chains only at night", he added. 

After some days of eating the eba, according to the driver, no armed person with evil intention can near your house without the dog barking aggressively at him. If the dog is not in chain, it will pursue the person like Usain Bolt and bite the hell out of him until the guy confesses. 

There were mixed reactions by the passengers. Some believed the driver while some doubted him. From the seriousness in the driver's face, I can't tell if he was just joking because he seem to mean every single word from his mouth. When we reached our final bus stop, a safety officer from the car handed a thousand naira note to him which he gladly collected with great  excitement.

What do you think guys? Have you tried this or heard about it before? If you know any way to make a dog become a detective, please kindly share in the comments box below. Thanks for reading.

Nigerian Stars You Won’t Believe Are Absolute Jerks In Real Life (Number 3 Will Shock You)

1. Olamide Adedeji
Olamide Adedeji

Olamide (aka Baddo) is a household name in the Nigerian music entertainment industry. The 'Shakiti Bobo' crooner, a Yoruba talented street rapper, acted like a jerk on stage after MAVIN's Reekado Banks won the award for the next Rated Artist Category at the 2015 Headies Awards. This award did not go down well with YBNL boss, Olamide, who climbed the stage with his team shouting and screaming. After spewing all sorts of trash on stage like someone that smoked 'Osogbo' weed, he dropped the mic on the floor, threw away his cup with its content and walked away with his gang.

The MAVIN record Boss, Don Jazzy, came on stage and asked Olamide to come and collect the Hyundai SUV car won by MAVIN in the Headies award if that was what he wanted. This provoked Olamide more who went on twitter and blasted Don Jazzy. Below was one of his tweets against Don Jazzy.

2. Seyi Law
Seyi Law
He is one of the best stand up comedians in Nigeria comedy talk shows. But for the fact that he makes people laugh does not mean that you can mess up with him anyhow. He can give you dirty slaps that will reformat your brain back to default settings.

Comedian Seyi Law slapped a security guard, named Peter Ethan, across the face 3 times after the security guard accosted him and informed him of an alternative route he could take to ease vehicular movement at Eko Hotel and Suites Lagos State. According to reports, the resounding slaps got the poor security guard staggering for balance.

Seyi Law, on his instagram page, explained his own side of the story and tendered an apology. See it below.

3. Nkem Owoh
Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh, popularly called Osuofia, is an Enugu born Nigerian actor and comedian. The winner of the 2008 African Movie Academy Award for best actor in a leading role was involved in a land dispute with a widow in September 2012. 

According to the widow, Mrs Gloria Ayogu, Osuofia and his thugs stormed her late husband's land and demolished her house. 

"...My life and those of my children are also in danger. Nkem Owoh, a man society should look up to for good examples had severally threatened to deal with me for refusal to let him take my land. He has stated he would deal with me. And seeing the crowd of horrible looking thugs he keeps company with, I feel really threatened. A man capable of destroying such a property has the capacity to destroy just about anything standing in the way of him having his way..." the woman said in a petition to Enugu State police commissioner. 

4. Kate Henshaw
Kate Henshaw

When you talk about the most respected actresses in nollywood, Kate Henshaw would be among the first 10. 

In one Nigerian Got Talent audition in Port Harcourt, Kate Henshaw in company of Dan Foster embarrassed a guy named 'Heaven' when he showed up and tried singing. It was unfair and the height of unprofessionalism on the part of Kate. Watch below.


She was also harsh on this little guy that showed up in Asaba auditions. Without any encouragement, the little man was left in his tears. Watch below.

She takes no nonsense from anyone and gets time to curse whoever that dares speak to her rudely. Insult her at your own peril. After raining a full 'Dangote' trailer load of insults on you, you will end up on your knees shivering and begging for forgiveness. Below are some screen shots of her fights with her fans. The first was an apology by a fan after Kate Henshaw has finished doing her job.

5. Sunday Oliseh
Sunday Ogorchukwu Oliseh
Sunday Oliseh is a former Super Eagles of Nigeria's midfielder. He was the coach of the Nigerian national football team from July 14, 2015, until he resigned on February 26, 2016 some days after raining insults on Nigerians.

In 2 Youtube videos he shared, the Ex- Super Eagles Coach heaped insults on his critics, calling them insane and saying other nasty things. See two videos below.


Also, on the day Oliseh stripped Enyeama of the Super Eagles captaincy and handed it to Ahmed Musa, Oliseh reportedly asked security men at the Hotel Verviers in to bundle Enyeama out. Vincent Enyeama claimed that he was stripped naked by the security agents while they were carrying out the orders of Oliseh. Enyeama also claimed that Oliseh insulted his dead mother.

However, Sunday Oliseh later apologized to Nigerians on twitter and sent an apology letter to the Nigerian Football Federation(NFF) for his rant video. Below was his twitter apology.
6. Terry G
Terry G
Gabriel Oche Amanyi, known as Terry G, is a popular Nigerian musician and producer.  The self made craziest musician in Nigeria showed a bit of his craziness when he gave DJ Jimmy Jatt's protege, DJ Freeze, a resounding slap. Watch video below.


This happened on Sunday 5/06/2016 during Terry G's performance at Comedian Bash's show at the Muson Center in Onikan, Lagos.. The music star, Terry G, was performing and getting booed by the audience. The DJ, who wanted to please the audience, changed the song to Olamide's 'Durosoke'. This provoked the 'Akpako Master' who walked over to the DJ stand and gave him a slap. Many people condemned Terry G's actions and the DJs Association of Nigeria (DJAN) placed a ban on playing any of his songs in any part of the country. This prompted Terry G to tender an apology via instagram to the DJ he slapped as well as DJ Jimmy Jatt and the DJs Association of Nigeria. See snapshots of his apology below.

The association accepted the apology and lifted the embargo they placed on his songs and the songs he is featured in.

7. Wizkid
Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun better known as Wizkid is one of the Nigeria's most successful Music stars. The recording artist, songwriter and performer did not forgive Dammy Krane after Krane apologized to him and his fans for calling him a thief and a bitch.

In a star studded All Black Party hosted by footballer Obafemi Martins at Club Quilox in Lekki Lagos, Wizkid smashed a bottle on Dammy Krane's head. According to multiple eyewitnesses, Wizkid clearly attacked first before bouncers and the club owner, Shina Peters, waded into the fight. With a bloodied head, Dammy could not get his revenge because he was prevented from doing so. 2face and Timaya later stepped in to help settle the fight. See video below.

What about his dirty words against Linda Ikeji? The popular Nigerian blogger was doing her normal 'amiibo' job when she wrote about Wizkid's landlord giving him quick notice to vacate from the rented apartment or pay house rent. This was the same house Wizkid claimed that he bought. Angry Wizkid went for Linda Ikeji and spoke to her in a way a woman is not supposed to be spoken to. 

For a man who has a mother, sisters, and even daughter insulting a woman's privates is a very inappropriate. Wizkid really messed up. Below is a snapshot of some of his posts against Linda Ikeji.