Reasons Why You Should Stop Taking Your Bath Every Day

Many of us think that the more we take our bath, the more we keep germs from infecting our body. Unfortunately or rather fortunately, the reverse is the case. This is no joke. Are you asking me how? Ok. Let me teach you a little dermatology. 

The human skin naturally produces essential oils which help in the protection of the skin against germs and infection. When you bath, you wash away the essential oils thus giving germs free way to enter your cracked skin and thereby increasing your chance of infection. Also, some of the water we use are treated with disinfectants like chlorine or other chemicals. Bathing frequently with such water can lead to skin cancer and other skin problems caused by chemical reactions with the skin.

Some experts in dermatology recommend one to two showers per week. An infectious disease expert at Columbia University School of Nursing, Dr. Elaine Larson, told Time Magazine that a shower a day is not necessary especially for your skin. Dr Brandon Mitchell, assistant professor of dermatology at George Washington University, agreed and said two showers each week was much.

This sounds like good news for some of us that are lazy to enter the shower. It helps us save time and water. But I don't think this is practicable after some hard jobs that make one sweat a lot and dirty. Or those with body odour or smelly regions as Wizkid said. That is left to their personal decision.

New Words And Terminologies You Learnt Since Buhari Became President

It is about a year now since President Muhammadu Buhari parked into the Aso Rock as the new president of Nigeria after Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan failed the presidential election. There is no doubt that in this one year of Buhari's administration, things have not been easy for majority of Nigerians. This was probably caused by the crash of the price of crude oil which is the major source of Nigeria's income. Many people lost their jobs, salaries were slashed, price of dollar doubled, cost of things increased, accidents everywhere, Fulani herdsmen killing anybody that comes their way, Boko Haram bombing as usual, Biafrans agitating, fuel scarce, electricity supply tending towards 0MW and so on. Nothing was working. Even the 2016 budget had 'k-leg' and has not been passed as I am writing this. Many came to the conclusion that Buhari has failed Nigerians and have not achieved anything since he became president.

If you are among those that think they have gained nothing in this Buhari and APC led administration, you may be lying. At least you may have added some words to your vocabulary. How many new words did you learn during the entire 6 years of Jonathan's administration. But, just one year of Buhari in office, you have learnt many new words. These are some of the words many of us have learnt under Buhari's administration.

. Junketing
 Many of us knew this word for the first time when Sahara Reporters used it to describe the incessant travels of president Buhari. From a dictionary, junketing means a trip or tour, especially one taken by an official at public expense.  

2.  Unbundling
When The petroleum minister of state, Ibe Kachikwu announced that they are in the process of unbundling the NNPC many people began to criticize the move even without knowing the meaning of the word. One guy reading it in a newspaper stand shouted "Buhari wants to finish this country oo." I asked him how. He said "can't you see the news headline". "What is the meaning of unbundling?" I asked him. He replied "go and ask Buhari" This means that he does not even know the meaning. I checked the dictionary and it defines unbundling as the separate pricing of goods and services.

3. Wailing Wailers
This is mostly used by APC supporters to describe PDP loyalists and those dissatisfied with Buhari administration. APC loyalists are referred to as zombie by PDP fans. Wailing wailers came from the word wail which means to make a long, loud, high pitched cry as in grief, sorrow or fear.

4. Technically
This word became very popular in this regime. The information minister, Lai Mohammed, said that Boko Haram has been technically defeated despite the little bombings here and there. This sparked up controversies. "We want Boko Haram to be defeated completely and not technically", wailers wailed.

5. Ineffectual Buffoon
Search for "ineffectual buffoon" in the Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any other search engine in any part of the world, you would see that it was because of only one man that this two big words were joined together. It all started when in one article by The Economist, ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was referred to as an ineffectual buffoon. Ineffectual Buffoon means an impotent or unproductive clown (fool). Chai diaris Goduooo.

6. Ipob
Most of us heard of 'Ipob' for the first time during this Buhari administration. Some of us thought it was a newly released tablet PC because we are already used to ipad, ipod, iphone etc. I personally searched for ipob in Konga, Jumia, Amazon, Olx, Aliexpress and even Alibaba since I was tired of my old ipad but I could not find anything. It was later that I learnt it was just an abbreviation that stands for 'Indigenous People Of Biafra'. I am an original Igbo boy and yet I don't know about Ipob until Buhari became president. This is technically ludicrous.

7. Am Tired. Add yours.