10 Things You Can Do To Look Intelligent And Smart

How you present yourself to the public determines how they rate you. Most of the so called elites and intelligent men in the history of the world were not better than you. Some of them had very low IQs but they were able to make the world see them as intelligent and smart people. It is all about 'packaging'. You can package yourself even better than them. At this juncture, I will present to you 10 ways to make yourself look intelligent and smart before people.

1. Be Clean and Fresh Always

Learn to take personal hygiene serious. Mouth and body odour will make people avoid you. Your intelligence or smartness can be overshadowed by your dirtiness, unkempt hair and bad odour. You can't be smelling like a rotten egg and expect people to take you serious. Even if you have an important thing to say or contribute, some people would avoid you. 'You want kill person with odour abi?' 

2. Dress Smart

The saying that "the way you dress is the way you will be addressed" is nothing but the truth. Get good clothes that fit you well. Avoid oversized clothes. Don't wear suit in a traditional ceremony and vice versa. Let your dressing code match the event you attend. You don't wear clothes meant for clubbing to the church. If you are attending a job interview, the type of job you applied for should determine your attire, Make some research and find the best fashion for every occasion you want to attend. Remember, you can borrow or hire clothes from someone if you don't have. 

3. Be Outspoken But Moderately And Responsibly

Don't talk too much and don't be dull. It is not everything that you see or hear that you will 'put your mouth'. Gossiping, dirty talks, hate speech, 'over sabi' and so on would make you look stupid before people but they may not tell you. You will think you are being lively or making good points but don't know that you are making fool of yourself. Similarly, being too quiet or dull can make people think that you as unintelligent. Learn to talk moderately and responsibly. Ask questions about things you don't understand. Be truthful always. And when you want to criticize, don't condemn completely if there are positive sides of the object of your criticism. You can first of all start by commending the positive aspects before condemning the bad ones. An example is when you want to talk about the performance of President Buhari. Even if you are his hater, you will sound more intelligent when you say something like "Buhari is trying in the fight against Boko Haram and corruption but I don't like his silence on the Fulani herdsmen attacks. His economic policies are harsh on the masses but I pray that God help him lead this country in the right direction" than when you say "Buhari is a kunu drinking, gworo chewing monkey. The kunu drinking baboon has no intention ruling this country but to unseat Jonathan. The confused goat is good at gallivanting all over the planet while his country is boiling" 

4. Laugh Moderately And Responsibly

Just like the way you talk, the way you laugh and what makes you laugh tells much about you. The type of stories that make you laugh also defines you. Let me share an experience. There was an event I attended. That was during my national youth service. We were about 2 youth corp members in attendance with 15 managing directors of different private companies in Lagos. I represented the MD of the company where I did my service because he traveled and permitted me to do so. I believe that the other youth corp was also a representative of a company as well. The MC was very funny. His jokes kept making everyone laugh except my colleague in NYSC. He did not laugh until when the MC made a funny comparison between business and different sizes of women's buttocks. None of the MDs laughed at this point. I just smiled. It was only the youth corp that uncontrollably bursted into laughter. I could see the shame on the guy's face after he finished laughing. Laughing to dirty and indecent jokes in the public can make some people see you as a stupid person. Also, laughing at handicapped persons, people's short comings or sufferings will make you look foolish.

5. Speak With Good Accent

Try to pronounce words correctly.according to the language. Speaking any language with it's correct phonetics makes one look intelligent and smart. If you want to speak English, speak like the English people. If want to speak Yoruba, speak like Yorubas and so on. Avoid mixing languages. You look less intelligent when you speak Igbo as if you are speaking English or make a sentence mixed with both Igbo and English words also known as 'ngirigbo'. When you want to address people in the village or in a traditional setting, it is good you address them in their local language if you can speak it well. Be smart to know the language to use at any point in time and when you speak, pronounce the words correctly with their correct phonetics. Don't just open your mouth and talk bad English, French or any other foreign language. For example, speak like David Cameron, Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth when you speak English. Speak like Francois Hollande if you must speak French. Talk as Pete Edochie talks in Igbo movies when you speak Igbo and so on and so forth. I repeat, try and speak like the original owners of the language.

6. Shun Religious Intolerance, Racism, Tribalism, Sex Discrimination Etcetera

Racism, tribalism, religious intolerance and other similar forms of discrimination will make you look stupid. You want to know why? The fact is, if you are actually intelligent, you will understand that it was by chance that you found yourself, for example, in a particular tribe in the world. Even your religion was by chance. Some christians today would have being muslims if their parents were muslims and vice versa. Even if you were a convert, it was by chance because if you did not have the opportunity to repent, you would have remained in your past religion. Moreover, how are you sure that the religion you were converted to is the true religion. Have you seen God before to know the religion that He likes. You can only rely on what some people preached to you or wrote in the Bible, Koran and other religious books. Remember as you are convinced that your religion is the true one, that is also how other people of different faiths are convinced about theirs. Relate this to race, tribe or even sex and sexual orientation, you will see how stupid racism, tribalism, religious intolerance, sex discriminations and so on are. Love and appreciate others and shun all forms of  discrimination.

7. Obey The Laws Of The Land

No matter how great you are, always be law abiding. Even when you travel to another man's land, obey the laws that guide them. When you are in Rome, behave like the Romans. It is advisable to study the laws of the people before traveling there. If you don't like their laws, you better forget travelling. In short, stay away from all criminal and immoral acts strongly condemned by the law of any land you find yourself in. That is the smart thing to do.

8. Be Active In Politics

If the intelligent people stay away from politics, fools and criminals would rule over them. Participate in politics. Instead of standing at a newspaper stand and lament in silence over bad leadership and corrupt government, wake up and contest for a post or campaign for a good and competent candidate. Being active in politics does not necessarily mean contesting for a post. Speak out to the government and let your voice be heard. Even as a musician, you can be the voice of the people just like Fela Kuti. Don't sell your conscience because of money or material things. Insist on good governance and zero corruption.

9.   Cultivate The Habit Of Reading

There is this saying that a reader is a leader. To look intelligent and smart, you should read as much as possible because reading is a valuable way of self educating yourself. Reading is the best way to improve your mind. If you want to get smart and stay smart so you can have the edge over the average person, you will need to learn new things and reading is one of the best ways to learn and expand your knowledge. Things are changing and if you don't read you would be devoid of all the latest information. Read widely based on your personal preferences, including fictional stories, educational, mysteries and suspense thrillers, science fiction, history, novels, self help books and health related articles because reading is a great way to feed your intelligence and be smart.

10. Be Innovative

Don't let your talent be eroded by the mindset that school is the place to gain knowledge. I am not condemning school but it is wrong to think that all knowledge we need can only be obtained from the school. We are all born with great gifts. School can help develop or refine the gifts but will never help you if you don't think for yourself. Most successful people today did not go to University. After getting your  PhD, you may end up working for a secondary school certificate holder who applied his innovativeness. Apply your creativity in your workplace, in your business, in your preaching, teaching, studies, leadership, sports, acting, literature and in anything you do. That will make you stand out from the crowd.

Let me stop here. You can add yours.

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