Mark Zuckerberg Dumps Facebook For Lai Mohammed's Masquerade Job

Speaking at the sectoral debate of the federal house of representative in Abuja on Tuesday, 3rd of May, 2016, the minister for information, Lai Mohammed, said most states in Nigeria have one festival or the other.

“Most states today have more than one festival a year, but the packaging and lack of capacity has not enabled them to make the most out of these festivals,” he said.

“There’s a particular masquerade in the south east, it takes 100 people to dress him, another 100 people to UnCloth him.

“If this masquerade is well-packaged, it can provide employment in one week for more than 1000 young men. These are some of the untapped potentials.” 

While many Nigerians were busy mocking and crucifying their information minister for this eye opening speech, the sixth richest man in the world - Mark Zuckerberg - hosted some masquerades from Star Wars in his office today being 4th of May 2016. He may have tapped some business ideas from Lai Mohammed's jaw dropping speech that "A masquerade can create jobs for 1,000 men." Oyibo sabi make money.

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