These 10 Amazing African Wedding Pictures Will Shock You

1. Cutting Cake With Sword

This reportedly happened in a wedding ceremony in Benue State, Nigeria. The man must be a strong member of boys scout, fire brigade or probably a Night of St. Mulumba, St John, St. Christopher or Columbus to have prefered using sword to cut wedding cake. I am sure if he was a policeman, he would have arrested the cake and shot it with gun kpoooh!

2. Love in the air

Don't know the actual location but if you allow me to say my mind, I would suggest that they came from Benin. They may be flying sorcerers who probably fell in love on meeting each other in the air at night. You don't have to expect them to come to their wedding with their brooms. 

3.  Caterpillar wedding

The man must be the head of caterpillar riders association in his area. That's a great fun and I hope the man driving them would not mistakenly discard them 

4 .Bicycle wedding

This reportedly happened in Choba, Kenya. The groom and bride arrived their wedding venue with bicycle. This style is the best during fuel scarcity and harsh economy.

5. On a tree branch

The bride wants to tell the world that her husband is a branch manager. Hope they don't blame the devil if they fall from the tree.

6. Jackie Chan husband

If you do any how you will see anyhow. This is what the man will do to anyone who trespasses around his wife. He is demonstrating his karate skills as a warning to everybody because to be fore warned is to be 'five' armed. ha ha ha.

7. Militant Wedding

I wonder if the bride is a man or woman. This kind of wedding get as it be ooo.

8. James bond husband

This reminds me of one of James bond's films. Men can take any risk because of women. This is what I call 'love nwantinti' till car takes them apart.

9. You may swallow your bride

This is why it is advisable for a girl to study how a man licks ice cream before marrying him. He wants to eat her raw.

10. America here I come

The guy has been denied American visa countless times so he wants to take the bull by the horns. He wants to enter America by fire or by force. 

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