This Is Why You Shouldn't Buy Dogs That Were Brought Up By Someone Else

My uncle and his family have been victims of several robbery attacks in recent times at their home in Irete, Imo State. At night, their house has become the favourite target of robbers for more than five times this year. Thieves won't allow my uncle 'drink water and keep cup' despite the fact that he is not the only rich man living around in that neighbourhood. Most of the neighboring compounds that were often ignored by thieves have very giant and fierce looking dogs. 

Thinking that thieves were taking advantage of the fact that he doesn't have dogs, he bought two big bullmastiffs from his friend in Abuja who was relocating to the United States of America. The dogs associated well with my uncle and everyone living in his house. 

However, trouble started one monday morning when his house boy was washing his cars. One of the dogs went to the bucket of water that the boy was using and started urinating in it. The boy was afraid of chasing the dog away but alerted my uncle who came out with cane and started flogging the dog. 

The dog first shifted a little distance away but came back and jumped on my uncle who wore only shorts. The bullmastiff gave him the biting of his life. It bit him almost everywhere - his hands, legs, stomach and even his privates. He managed to run back into the house as the dog aggressively chased him.

My uncle who spent almost a week in the hospital now hates dogs with passion. He later sold the dogs to dog rearers. He wouldn't have been bitten by the dog if he was the one that trained the dog from the time it was a puppy.

If you need  dogs, buy puppies and train them yourselves till they become big. They would tend to be more loyal to you than the ones another person brought up.

Hope you are inspired by this story. Have you ever been attacked by your own dogs before? Please share your own story.

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