How To Convert Your Dog To A Police Detective (Reader's Discretion)

Police Dog

Yesterday, as I was travelling to Owerri, I learnt a new stuff which I want to share with you. It was from a fascinating lecture given by the driver that drove the vehicle I boarded. The 2 hours journey seemed like a 30 minutes drive as the driver fantastically turned the journey to a fun filled one. It all started when he nearly jammed a dog which was trying to cross the highway. To cut the story short, let me 'fast forward' it.

According to the driver, nobody can come to his house with any type of weapon without his dog detecting them. "My dog can detect anybody with gun no matter how the gun is hidden and can successfully disarm an armed robber" he boasted. This prompted a question from us, the passengers. "Driver, how did you train your dog to be this intelligent" we asked. He said that he will tell us but it will cost us a little amount of money. We promised to find him some money after the lecture. After much pleadings from the passengers, he agreed to teach us. 

"It is very simple", he said. "get an AK-47 bullet or bullet of any gun of your choice and put it in a boiling water. After the water has boiled for about 5 minutes, use the boiled water to do garri just the way you normally prepare eba. Now, mold the prepared garri into balls. Put the garri balls in the plate you use to give food to your dog and add your dog's favorite soup on top of the garri. Give the food to your dog to eat." He continued. "After eating the food, your dog will become very aggressive and you may need to put it in chains during the day and open the chains only at night", he added. 

After some days of eating the eba, according to the driver, no armed person with evil intention can near your house without the dog barking aggressively at him. If the dog is not in chain, it will pursue the person like Usain Bolt and bite the hell out of him until the guy confesses. 

There were mixed reactions by the passengers. Some believed the driver while some doubted him. From the seriousness in the driver's face, I can't tell if he was just joking because he seem to mean every single word from his mouth. When we reached our final bus stop, a safety officer from the car handed a thousand naira note to him which he gladly collected with great  excitement.

What do you think guys? Have you tried this or heard about it before? If you know any way to make a dog become a detective, please kindly share in the comments box below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I think it's actually dangerous to attempt to boil bullets o. Risk of explosion. At least that's what I've seen from some Hollywood action movies, where heat was applied to bullets.

    Maybe the water'll neutralize the risk of explosion.

    1. But is it true that giving a dog some food prepared with water boiled with gun bullet will make a dog to be able to catch thieves?