10 Things Igbos And Non-Northerners In The Northern Part Of Nigeria Should Do Before October 1 2017

A group of northern Nigeria youths issued what they called a 'Kaduna Declaration' in which they commanded all Igbos living in the north to vacate the area before October 1. In the history of Nigeria, such warnings always end up in mass destruction of lives and properties of southerners living in the north as well as counter killings in the southern Nigeria. 

Here are 10 things Igbos and other non-northerners presiding in any northern part of Nigeria should do before the dead line.

1. Secure Your Landed Properties
Many Igbos and non-northerners living in northern Nigeria lose properties worth billions of naira in the north in every anti-Igbo pogrom. Get your land surveyed and all your landed properties legally protected and insured. Legal protection of your property is to have all the necessary legal documents that guarantees and protects your right to exclusive ownership and enjoyment of your property. You can appoint an estate agent to help manage the property. 

2. Relocate Your Family To Your Village
It would be a wise decision to start relocating your family back to your village or any good town in the southern Nigeria while working towards total exit from restive northern Nigeria. Life has no dublicate.

3. Learn Some Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Languages
Most northerners can't speak English and even the educated ones hardly comunicate with English especially when speaking with their people. If you can speak like them and understand their language, you stand a better chance of knowing when the massacre starts. And you can as well disguise as one of them.

4. Learn Some Muslim Prayers/Recitations
If you are living in the north and don't know how to recite Muslim chaplet, I shake my head for you. That was what saved my life in Kaduna in the year 2000 around February 22. It was a religious riot between Christians and Muslims over the introduction of Sharia law in Kaduna State which claimed over 5000 lives. 

On my way, I was confronted by a group of armed muslims who asked me to recite their chaplet. I grabbed it and recited "Allahu Akbar" 34 times, "Al-hamdu lilah" 33 times, then followed by "Subhan Allah" 33 times. They left me thinking I was a muslim. On my way also, I was confronted by a group of armed Christian youths who asked me to make the sign of the cross, which I did and they left me unhurt. One hausa man they caught was saying "in the name op the pather and op the mother and op the sister......" You know the rest of the story.

5. Don't Trust In Or Hope On The Federal/State Government Assurance Of Security And Protection
The government will always tell you to keep calm and don't leave the north when the northerners issue their treats but when the massacre starts, you will be on your own. Run for your own life and forget about El-Rufai and government empty promises.

6. Get Some Weapons And Learn How To Use Them
Self-defence is not a crime. If you can afford it, buy a gun and register it. You can also register with hunters association in your area. Learn how to use your gun in case of any attack. This is for self-defense only and not for criminal purposes. You can also get a sharp cutlass, grounded pepper, juju ha ha ha.

7. Buy And Store Enough Food  Stuffs.
You need to store enough food stuffs because you don't know how safe the market would be around October 1. Atleast, minimise your movement within this time untill you are sure there is proper security of lives and properties by the military and other security agencies.

8. Exercise And Gym  
This may sound funny but neccesary. To be strong, one needs to exercise or gym regularly. You build strong muscles through this process thereby equiping yourself with strength and vigour with which you can overcome your enemies.

9. Make Good Northern Friends 
Make friends with some well-meaning indigenes in your residencial area or work place. Not all northerners are bad. Some can give you valuable information that can save your life. Some can even house you and save you from been lynched by their fellow northerners.

10. Know The Closest Police/Military Barracks
Police/Military barracks are the safest place to be during civilian crisis. Know the one nearest to your place of recidence. Run like Chioma Ajunwa to the nearest barrack in the wake of any northern crisis.

8 Types Of Nigerian Girls - A Must Read For Every Single And Searching Nigerian Guy

There are 8 types of Nigerian girls.

1. Buha-Rihana
This type of girl may be in her late thirties but claim 21 years old. Fear such girl because she could be close to manopause and may not be capable of bearing fruit. When you see a girl you like make sure you see her original birth certificate before you propose to her. If posible, locate the hospital she was born and confirm.

2. Laimuhame-Diana
Such a girl can lie for Africa. She lies about herself, dad, mum and everything. Even when the truth is obvious, she lies. Everything about them is fake. Beware of such girls my son.

3. Fayo-Celine
They like show. Going about taking selfies is their hobby. It is such girls that go to shoprite to buy just one apple and end up taking selfies which they upload on facebook with the title  'Dubai shopping things'

4. Abubakarshe-Karishika
These ones are violent. They can use assorted weapons ranging from bottles, pestle, acid, knife and even gun. When they are mistakingly married into any family, they bring confusion and enemity into the family. When you encounter such girls, my son, run as fast as your leg can take you.

5. Benbru-Cecilia
Such girls are good pretenders. They do like people who don't shit or mess. Don't let any girl deceive you my son.

6. Amae-Chinasa
This type of girl after finishing a guy's money will dump him and move to the next available rich dude. It is hard to identify such girls but I pray such girls don't come your way.

7. Tinu-Bukky
You can't eat their money and go free. This type of girl after lavishing her money on you would want you to reward her with marriage. If you fail to marry her, she can fight you with the highest juju. Before you allow a girl to spend huge amount of money on you, be sure of her motive. If she is after marriage and you know deep inside you that you won't marry her, do not accept her money biko.

8. Osinba-Joy
They are God-fearing and are good wife materials. They are not controled by materialism. Always faithful. My son, if you want to live long, search for such girl and marry. 

I wish you success in your search for a good wife. Bye bye".